Electrical Installations & Periodic Test in Rochester

Are you looking for fast and effective electrical services at a cost-effective price? Then you are on the page! At Granite Electrical, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and provide quality services for electrical installations and other electrical works. Our team of trained electricians has over 40 years of experience and knows every ins and outs of the job. Are you installing a new electrical panel or changing the wiring Рcontact us. For the best electrical services in Rochester РGranite Electrical is your one-stop destination. Just connect with us and get quick solutions from professional electricians now.

How much does it charge to hire an electrician?

Well, there is no fixed rate, and it can vary according to work. Some work requires more labour work than others – hence those works are charged more. It also depends on when you want your work, the part that will be used to complete the work, and other factors. Contact us anytime for more details.

How can I contact Granite Electrical?

If you are looking for electrical services in your area, then we have got your back. You can visit our site, drop your questions, or contact us through our mail. We are available round-the-clock to help you out. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with us.