Electrical Installations & Periodic Test in Maidstone

At Granite Electrical, we undertake any kind of electrical installation services, from new housing projects to rewiring of electric circuits in the house. Our professionals are highly skilled in their job, not only offering a high degree of workmanship but also ensuring safety in the working environment.

Whether it is the installation of new electrical circuits in the house or periodic testing, we understand that the seriousness of our job certifies the safety of a domestic or commercial building, and thus our team of professionals does not cut corners. Now, count on us and schedule an appointment right away.

How to hire a professional electrical installation service in Maidstone?

If you are looking for a professional electrical installation service in your neighbourhood, then look no further as here, at Granite Electrical, we offer complete electrical installation service to our clients done by our team of qualified and experienced electricians.

Is it safe to perform smaller electrical tasks myself?

Dealing with the faulty electrical components in the house can be risky and sometimes even life-threatening to the person coming in contact with the electricity, and thus if you do not have any certified knowledge or experience in this field, it is better to let the professionals handle the issue rather than taking it in your hands.